What sort of writer are you? *

Knowing what sort of person you are, can help you decide what sort of story you want to tell.



Love sport? Do you have to be on the field? Can’t understand people that just sit and watch? Maybe you like dancing or performing? You might demonstrate with your hands a lot when you talk?




You’re a sensitive person, and think a lot. You might keep a journal and like spending time by yourself. You might like poetry. Do you have a pretty good idea of what your strengths (and weaknesses) are?




Maybe you work well with others, and often take the lead. You might like working in a group. If there’s a fight, you are often be the one to resolve the problem. You may like to talk and probably have lots of friends.



Always looking for something to read? Maybe you’re already a writer in your spare time? You may like word games and find spelling easier than most?



Are you good at maths? Can you approach a problem logically? Maybe you enjoy science or programming your PC? You might just like figuring things out.




Do you love rhythm and music? You might enjoy singing and making up your own songs?



Do you doodle when you’re on the phone? You might love colour and good designs. Maybe you’re a serious artist, or perhaps you just have the knack and enjoy painting or drawing in your spare time.



Oh … and you might find there are two categories that describe you, and that’s ok!

*The ‘What sort of writer are you?’ concept is an original approach inspired by Edward DeBono and his Thinking Hats.