Finding a story idea
So how do I find a story idea anyway? Being creative is HARD sometimes!
  • Why Write? What’s the point? Find out why writing stories is important, and what makes a great writer.
  • Writing exercises are a great way to break out of writers block, and discover new stories.
  • Do you like to talk to friends … or are you the quiet type? Maybe you love sport or music? You might prefer drawing instead! Different types of writing can suit different people, find out what sort of writer you are!
  • Horror, romance, fantasy, science fiction, non-fiction … even if you don’t know what your story is about yet, maybe you know the sort of story you want to write?
  • Try using the Plot Bank – A wonderful website with strange and unusual plot ideas to get your story started.
  • Developing a character first can be a great way of discovering the story they have to tell.
  • Launching in early 2008, The Digital Narrative will explore writing stories using digital media. If you’re searching for a direction in your writing, or looking for a new way to tell a story, it may be just what you’ve been waiting for!
  • Reading author blogs is a fun way to find out how your favourite authors approach their own writing. You’ll find a list of some we recommend in the resources section.