Surface Chemistry Applications

Surfactants and polymers are found in products across a wide range of markets and applications. From agriculture to fabric care and cleaning, from personal and skin care to petroleum and water and beyond.

Soaps and detergents are among the first man-made surfactants, bonding with dirt and stains to allow water to easily wash them away. Specialty polymers and surfactants are used in hair styling, hair care, skin care, and sun care products to allow the beneficial ingredients to stay on hair and skin. Household and institutional cleaning, including fabric care; food, beverage and dairy processing; and healthcare industries all rely upon surfactants.

Companies today are working with customers to develop the right system of non-ionic, cationic, anionic surfactants and specialty synthetic and natural polymers to create new, more efficient, more sustainable solutions. They provide technical solutions from molecular and formulation science to meet today’s stringent environmental legislation without any loss of performance. There is a process called toll manufacturing, where companies can order custom made chemicals manufactured to desired specs.

In agricultural applications, specialty surfactants are used as adjuvants, dispersants and emulsifiers in herbicide, fungicide and insecticide formulations. Surfactants alter the surface tension of the active chemicals, allowing them to remain on plants longer.

Surfactants are used in asphalt road paving mixtures to aid in the curing process. Mining applications use polymers and surfactants in the cooling and lubrication of their equipment. Polymers and surfactants are used in water treatment, oilfield drilling and production, fuel and lubricant additives.